Sunday, 16 March 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 7 - Wrapped buttons

All of these buttons have a core made of Kapa board. This material has the advantage that it is not too thick and can be cut to any shape desired. The one I used has a glue side which helps to fix the wrapping fabric on one side. It also allows you to fix the fabric on the back with tiny needles.

Button a is a rectangle wrapped with blue and orange fabric and decorated with a polymer clay bead.

Button b has a half-moon shape which was a bit trickier to wrap. I used an orange dyed pre-felt as the wrapping fabric

Button c: a rectangle wrapped with an orange cotton fabric and a polyester organza on top. This was melted with a heating gun.

Button d is wrapped with orange pre-feld, a commercial fabrick strip and yarn. It is decorated with a polymer clay spiral

Button e has a leaf shape. It is wrapped with the piece of an old sweater and decorated with beads


Button f has a circular shape wrapped with blue pre-felt and embroidery thread and knitting yarn

Button g: the core of this one is a plastic curtain ring wrapped with an orange polyester ribbon and embroidery thread

Button h is made of cling film wrapped with various threads and decorated with beads

Button i: the core of this button/toggle consists of a rolled piece of pre-felt wrapped with a light-coloured tight, wrapped with various threads a stringed beads

The core of the following button is made of aluminium foil. The idea was to form a spike which could be fixed to a piece of work. On button k you might be able to see that I inserted a wire "hook".

Button j is wrapped with  blue fabric and a piece of tight rubbed with orange paint.

Button k is wrapped with blue polyester organza

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Catherine said...

I love your wacky wrapped buttons Pascale. You have managed to get such a variety of shapes in them and your toggles.