Sunday, 30 March 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 7 - simple button toggles

The fabrics for the following beads were backed with bondaweb, before being cut, rolled around a wooden stick and ironed with a mini iron from Clover used for making bias strips. The diagrams next to the beads show how the fabric was cut,

Beads b

Beads d

Bead c

Beads e

 Beads f: ; different fabrics were inserted while rolling the beads and then cut into strips


Embroidered button toggles

Bead g and h: only one edge of the fabric was machine-embroidered with a zig zag stitch

Bead i: both sides were machine-embroidered with a decorative stitch

Bead j: the sides of this toggle were beaded, the felt was then rolled and further decorative with chain stitches


ferinn said...

You have made such a variety ! They are beautiful.

Catherine said...

Such beautiful attention to detail Pascale!