Sunday, 16 March 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 7 - Toggles with meltable materials - Part 1

These beads are fun to make and give room to experimenting

Toggle a is made with two layers in orange and blue painted Tyvek wrapped with coton thread and then zapped

Toggle b has also been made with painted Tyvek, however the basic shape of the rolled material is a rectangle. This bead was painted partially to add a bit or "zing" to it.

Toggle c: here I rolled Tyvek with a thick tubular embroydery thread and blue embroidery thread. Because of the thicker orange thread, the shape of the bead is changed.

Toggle d: The material used here is a blue polyester organza wrapped with copper metallic machine thread

Toggle e: the material used here is acrylic felt painted with blue acrylic paint and wrapped with a copper wire. The melting changed the colour and now it is more of a green that a blue. Of course it could be painted at a later stage

Toggle f: this bead is made of layers of cling wrap and blue polyester organza.

Toggle g is also made of cling wrap alternating wrap and layers of blue embroidery thread. The final orange ribbon used for the wrapping could also be melted.

Toggles h and i: these polyester beads were wrapped with a pipe cleaners in orange and blue. These also melt back to a hard material which could be painted at a later stage

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chikanstitch said...

Love your samples Pascale. It is amazing what happens to Tyvek isn't it?