Sunday, 21 October 2012

Module 2-Chapter 12-Organic shapes

Organic 1:I wanted to reproduce the felt vessel above I made some time ago, as it reminded me of a sea urchin. However the result was disappointing and reminded me more of a bathing cap.

 Organic 2; Here I divided a circle into four equal parts, I extended one into a leaf shape

Organic 3: 6 leaf shaped pieces were sewn together to reproduce this vessel.

 Organic 4: This piece reminds me of some flower, pod, etc. Although I really like it, I don't see how it could end up in a functional item
 Organic 5:  A bag which I saw at the Knitting and Stitching Show was the inspiration for this piece

 Organic 6: A shape based on a pod found in my garden. This piece could make an interesting vessel, although I don't know how and where I could introduce more embellishments.

Organic 7: I wanted to reproduce a wing with the idea of making a cushion (for my poor neck) out of it
Organic 8: Another try. Although they might look strange at first sight, I think that these two shapes could offer the opportunity to showcase some interesting fabrics and patterns

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Module 12-Chapter 12-stage 1-geometric shapes

 sample 1: a simple cube
sample 2: rectangular base
sample 3: "trapezoïd" base
sample 4: here the base is a rectangle, but the sides vary in height
 sample 5: the base is a triangle
sample 6: the base is a square, but the sides are triangular. Although it doesn't look like it, I think that this sample has got potential
sample 7: the base has a leaf  shape

Of course, all these samples can be made with sides of different heights, depending the final purpose of the finished item

Module 2-Chapter 11-Stage B

I chose a simple pattern for this sample. Unfortunately the initial stage was too small and I couldn't cut it up even more. However, I think that one can see that in the last stage the colour has changed to a slightly darker tone.