Sunday, 22 June 2014

Module 3 - Resolved Sample - Part 2

On Siân's advice I redid the whole resolved sample, by opting for another of my designs. 

I began by "dismantling" the buttons and took out the cardboard. This was a bit tricky as I wanted to keep the beads and the layers in place. I then did some other triangles. Machine-stitched cords were "glued" to a piece of  fabric and fixed by some stitching.All the triangles were fixed by a small zigzag stitch to the base fabric. 
Melted  pipe cleaners were wrapped and then applied between the larger triangles by beaded threads. I decided to enlarge the base fabric by applying the former base to a larger turquoise one.  Both layers were linked by further stitching. I also added some beads in the upper right and lower left corner.

I'm much happier with this sample. In fact it is much less static and translates the spiralling movement in a very pleasing way.