Sunday, 2 March 2014

Module 3-Chapter 7 DORSET BUTTONS

 This is my first try at Dorset buttons. I had found plastic rings and had a go, using different threads and contrasting colors. My greatest difficulty was to center the spokes and I certainly will have to practice a bit more. Button number 3 was one of those were the center "wasn't in the center" so I tried to make a tree out of it. Also with this sample I had tried to make my own ring with wire. Covering it with button hole stitch was tricky as the wire was too slippery.

Here I covered the outer ring and the center with little beads

A giant button and also my favourite. The ring is made with thicker wire. The I used fabric painted fabric strips for the weaving, the spokes are wrapped with orange wool thread.

Further rings are waiting to be turned into dorset buttons

And another one

number 6

One of the thicker curtain rings was wrapped, the center is made out of tubular nylon knitting yarn


ferinn said...

These are just lovely Pascale,look forward to seeing what else you develop.

Catherine said...

Lovely Dorset buttons Pascale! You have always such beautiful colours. I think your little tree works really well. I found it hard too to get the windings to cross in the centre.

chikanstitch said...

Pascale I love your buttons. Like you, I had not made any before but what a super selection you have made. Love your No 4 button and your giant sample. Take a look at my chapter - we have a museum not far from here which I visited.

Elena said...

J'aime beaucoup!