Sunday, 20 July 2008

Module1-Chapter 8 Complex Samples


Sample A

A cross shape was bonded to the background. An altered templar cross shape was stitched. An opening was cut in the middle and a polyester organza patch applied to the back.

Sample B
The same cross shape than in sample A made of painted cotton organza was bonded to the stamped backbround and partially outlined with straight stitches. The grid shape was machine stitched, then (heavily) padded, cross stitches were added.

Sample C
The same cross shape than in samples A and B was bonded. A star shape was outlined with straight stitches and french knots. The square center was padded.

Fabrics: dyed poplin cotton

Sample D
A templar cross shape made of poplin cotton was bonded to the background fabric. The same shape was twisted and stitched by machine. More hand stitching was added. The center square as well as additional shapes were padded.

Sample E
A star shape made of bondaweb was applied to the commercial background fabric and foiled. The outline of the shape was machined then padded. The templar cross shape was outlined with a couched thick thread. A little star was embroidered in the middle.

Sample F
A cross shape made of commercial cotton was trapped between two layers of polyester organza. The templar cross was embroidered in straight stitches on top.

Several of these blocks could be sewn together and hung in front of a window.

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Jo Horswill said...

Thank you for visiting my post, I am glad you liked it.
I really enjoyed looking at all your work...It took me back to my 'textile art' days.
Your beautiful stitching and I love your stamping too.
A new blog,
"MIM ART LIFE" is a friend I studied textile art with. She is still doing the course and is new to blogging. I have her listed in my "Blogs I like to Visit", I think you will like what she does too.
I will pop in from time to time to see what else you are doing.