Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Module 1 - Chapter 5

Module 1 - Chapter 5
Sorry, I forgot that I had to put the last pics first.

I tried to decorate the fabric by using bondaweb and foil, then I rubbed it with the golden Paintstik.

Here I did some rubbings over the stamp I had made and over a "Hama" star shape.

In this sample I bonded various fabric snippets and some wool under painted net. In fact it is difficult to find coloured net here, so I painted it with fabric paint.

Various fabric snippets were bonded under a nylon yellow chiffon scarf.

Various commercial fabrics.

Procion dyed fabrics: popeline cotton and some linen.

Stamped fabric : I had made a stamp with a part of a templar cross shape

Procion dyed fabrics

Various stamped fabrics

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