Tuesday, 8 July 2008

M1-Chapter 4 - Design Variations with Layers of Cut Paper Shapes

Cut and Fold Design Shapes in black paper

Sheet 1: Different grids.

Sheet 2: Samples a) and b) are variations of the templar cross.

Sheet 3: Samples a) and c) might be difficult to translate into fabric.

Sheet 4: For all of these samples the black paper was folded corner to corner.

Sheet 5: Variations of the cross shape, cut shapes from folded square.

Sheet 6: Original star shape and its variations: samples a) - d)

Design Variations using Several Layers Of Cut Paper Shapes

I made freezer paper templates for the different shapes. Putting one on top of the other enabled me to get an idea of how the shapes would work together. Ironing some of them to the papers made it easier to cut them out.
Sheet 1: For samples a) and b) the same modified templar cross shape was used as top layer. In sample b) the cross variation of sheet 5 forms the background.
I do like both of these samples because they look a bit like flowers.

Sheet 2: for sample 2 I used the same templar cross shape than in sample f) with a grid shape on top. In sample d) a templar cross shape was used as top layer.

Sheet 3: For sample f) I used one of the variations of the templar cross shape

Sheet 4: For sample h) I used tissue paper for the star shape. The yellow paper shape behind shines through. It gives me an idea of how it would look like with sheer fabrics.

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