Monday, 12 October 2015

Module 4 - Chapter 4 - Paper making

After a stressy and paralizing hot summer I struggle hard to find back to some kind of working rythm.

The following samples are the ones shown to Siân during my Summer School tutorial.

First batch of papers: these were done toilet rolls and more precisely a material called "acqua tube". It dissolves nearly instantly once it is put into water. You don't need a liquidizer. It forms a very fine pulp and the blue writing on the back of the rolls sprinkle the paper with little blue bits.

All the samples (1a-1e) were done with this paper.

Embossing is certainly my favourite technique, especially at this time of the year when you can find interesting leaves in the garden. But also materials like rubber bankds and paper string, related to this module give interesting results.

Second batch of papers: For this second batch I used the dissolvable paper plates that came with the paper making set I had bought. These have to be torn into pieces and soaked before being put into the liquidizer. The resulting pulp makes a very fine paper that seems quite sturdy.

I tried the "embedding" technique by putting different materials on top of the fresh paper. The biggest problem here was to keep all the bits fixed on the paper. Sometimes I had to add more pulp on top.

I probably would have to put the pieces directly into the paper pulp (especially the fabric and paper snippets).

For this sample fine copper thread was put onto the paper with some more pulp on top to fix it. The picture doesn't render the interesting surface created this way.

Adding shapes to your paper

This part of chapter 4 was not very successful. Separating the stencil form the rest of the paper proved very difficult. For satisfying results I definitely need more practice.

Third batch

This paper was made of recycled paper from the office where I work, according to the process described in this module.

Samples 3a + b show some more embossing.

Laminating paper

Sample 3c is made with vegetable netting. Although the texture is very fine, it shows very well on both sides of the paper

Sample 3d: on of my favourites : I used a bit of lace for the laminating process. The texture could be further enhanced by rubbing oil pastels on top.

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chikanstitch said...

Hi, only just returned from hols to find you have been busy with your paper making. Looks like you have been having fun and the results are fantastic, especially the embossed ones! R X