Monday, 25 May 2015

Module 4-Chapter 3-Grids

 Some fabrics from my stash that can be used in the paper making process. These range from canvas for cross stitching, tulle, bandage gauze, undyed cotton scrim, tulle, ramie (?), some fabrics I bought a few years ago
The first three fabrics were bought at the Knitting and Stitching show ("The Silk Route"): silk scrim, and silk Tussah in different weaves.

The fine brass mesh as well as the wire mesh and wire crocheted "mesh" could be incorporated in the paper pulp and shaped (?)

Over the last few years I've collected a range of fruit and vegetable netting in different colours and qualities

little circles cut with the Silhouette into fabric

 woven blue fabric strips that could be dipped into paper pulp

closer woven coton thread and sequin waste

The two samples above relate to the shopping list theme:

The Kelloggs package used here has been cut with the Silhouette, the plastic bag below burnt away

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chikanstitch said...

Love your selection of grids and had to laugh at your collection of vegetable and fruit nettings. Squirrel :-)