Sunday, 9 February 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 5

C. Knotted, Plaited and Wrapped Methods

Knotted Method

 Close-ups of C4 and C3

Close-up of lower part of  C5

Close-up of C6

Making of a Turks knot on a ring mandrel

Wrapped Methods

 Close-up of d3

Plaited Method

From left to right: 
- plaited cord made with two twisted cords and one thicker thread
- two cords the same and one contrast
- same than above with thicker knitting thread


chikanstitch said...

Love your samples, Creativepascale! Great idea to show close up images. I especially like C6!

Catherine said...

Your samples are beautiful Pascale! I love the airy quality of C6 too and I also love your beaded one. I do admire you for doing several turk's head knots. By the time I had managed one I never wanted to try another ever again!