Sunday, 19 January 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 5 - Twisted cords

B) Twisted cords

Making these always end up with a little surprise and are really great fun

IV a: dark and light orange coton thread, slightly twisted
IV b: petrol blue and light orange thread
IV c: orange chenille yarn with sparkly blue embroidrey thread

IV d: knitting ribbon
IV e: light blue with orange knitting yarn
IV f: tubular nylon knitting yarn with coton thread. because of the stretchy quality of the nylon thread, the        cord became very irregular
IV g: thick blue and orange knitting yarn

IV h: various textured knitting yarns
IV i: blue and orange silk ribbons


chikanstitch said...

Hi CreativePascale! Love your cords, you have been busy. Hope you have had fun!

Catherine said...

You have been so imaginative with your cords Pascale. I especially love IVh with the fuzzy yarn.