Tuesday, 9 February 2010

M2-Chapter 8 Ribbons

Detailed view of ribbons

a) 3 different fabric strips of different widths were layered and stitched together with a ziag-zag stitch
b) twisted fabric cord attached to a fabric strip
c) fabric strip decorated with machine stitching
d) same as c
e) thread attached to a fabric strip with decorative stitching
f) fabric strip machined with zig-zag stitch with increased upper tension to bring up the bobbin thread.
g) the same technique as for sample f)
I like the way the fabric strips puckers and distorts with this technique, giving it extra texture
sampled e to g could be rubbed with black or white painstiks

h) fabric strip covered with dense machine stitching
i) two different fabric strips machined together
j) fabric strip decorated with thread (Texere yarns)

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