Tuesday, 9 February 2010

M2-Chapter 8 Not what it seams

Sample a,b,c
Various fabrics and threads (sample a) were inserted in the seam

Sample d
The "left" side is the "right" side (sorry, didn't know how to explain that in English),
the fabric was cut, more fraying could be achieved by washing it and putting it through the dryer
Sample e
fabric inserted in the seam

Sample f
Here I left a very large seam which was then cut to form triangles attached with stitching, twisted and knotted machine cords were inserted in the same sample.
Sample g
A large piece of calico was inserted, cut to triangles, attached and frayed


I had a lot of fun making these and think they would also be great to use to decorate the finished 3D item.
a: white and painted strip, twisted and machined with zig-zag stitch
b: fabric strip and thick silk thread were twisted and then machined with a straight stitch
c: twisted, machined and knotted fabric strip
d: fabric strip twisted and wrapped with a fine wire
e: thin fabric strip and decorative thread covered with zig-zag stitch
f: fabric strip with decorative thread attached to it
g: two fabric strips knotted together
h: fabric strip with packing thread attached to it


- packaging cord covered with zigzag stitch
- two different fabrics strips covered a decorative stitch
- two different fabric strips twisted and covered with zig-zag stitch

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