Sunday, 6 September 2009

Module2-Chapter5-Patterned Papers-Rubbings

All the following rubbings were done with a black wax crayon on white tissue paper.

Rubbing done on wall

Same as above

Rubbing done on wrapped cord around cardboard.

Rubbing done on different rugs

The next three rubbings were done on a self-made "rubbing plate". I drew different patterns on a piece of cardboard with glue.

For this rubbing I fixed a piece of netting on Ka-Pa fix board and then did the rubbing

Fine wire was fixed on Ka-Pa board in wavy lines and then rubbed

The next two rubbings were done with different kind of leaves. I tried to imitate birds' feathers.

I loved this technique and got a bit carried away, trying to do rubbings on different kitchen items. Although the next rubbings don't have anything to do with animal markings, they are very inspiring and could lead to some interesting embroidery motives.

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