Sunday, 27 August 2017

Module 4-Chapter 11 Make a special book structure related to "Media"

Thanks to Siân I finally managed to finish this book structure and make it a more cohesive piece of work.

It is a tribute to all the women who care for the well-being of their family (with a little twist of humour). It is based on my weekly shopping list which a enlarged and copied onto fabric (inside left page). In fact it consists of two layers, one of coton fabric and the other of a more transparent fabric to create more depth. The two layers were held together by free machine stitching the words "Shopping List".

These words were also stitched on the front page of the book and the right side in the book, only that this was done from the back. The words are therefore not readable and create an abstract pattern.

The two sides of the book are made of painting canvases wrapped with fabric and connected to form a book structure

For both, the front and the back page, a very coarse fabric was used to withdraw the threads. In fact it was an off-cut I bought very cheaply at the sales. The fabric was painted with fabric paints and after being fixed, paper pulp was applied. This created an old weathered look and gives the feel of an ancient artefact.

Both sides were backed with red felt before being stitched into it. The stitching is based on the research samples of this module.

The fabric used here is a linen one used for cross stitch (?) dyed with Procion in my color scheme (same for right side). The left-over threads were covered with satin stitch. The natural movement of the threads resulting from this stitching was enhanced by "connecting" some of the threads with satin stitch.

The paper frames were made by wrapping wire frames with a chenille and coton thread dipped into paper pulp.

The picture of my "shopping queen" has been found on the internet and printed onto fabric, a halo was painted around it. To create a link with the left page and to "soften" the edges the aperture as well as the inside were framed with the paper frames. I really love the three-dimensional look of this.

All the edges of this "book" were covered with the same stitch.

Finally the borders were wrapped with a bought ribbon that was machine-stitched.

Because of the size and all the different textures this book is very tactile. It invites the viewer to hold it and, hopefully, to wonder what the story behind it is.

The presentation sheet regroups pics of my inspiration as well as my technique ideas for the different panels for the final piece


Catherine said...

I love your book Pascale! The book is beautiful purely visually, with a wealth of fascinating detail. The message behind it adds another, rich dimension to the piece.

I was interested that you had the same experience as I had with Module 4 as I too almost gave up having lost direction for a while. I'm glad that Sian's advice and the companionship of Summer School helped to get you back on track again - and with such stunning and lovely results. I hope you enjoy Module 5.

chikanstitch said...

Oh Pascale, your book is fabulous. I had to laugh at your theme - a shopping list, but what lovely colours and your chosen techniques are really interesting. You must be very pleased. Keep going - I shall be keeping an eye on your blog:-)