Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Module 4-Chapter 6-To apply wet paper pulp to woven fabric - part 2

7l: here the woven fabric with the withdrawn threads was pushed into the very wet paper pulp so that the pulp came through the threads

7m: some of the threads were withdrawn, then gaps were cut into the fabric. Again the fabric was pushed into the wet pulp to make sure it is embedded safely

7n: the fabric grid was made by cutting out horizontal strips then these were used to be put back into the created gaps.
7o: fabric strips with withdrawn threads were embedded into the red pulp, then black paper pulp was put on top. I like the way the fabric structure shows through the black pulp. This structure could be reproduced onto the black pulp with stitch

7p: withdrawn threads from previous fabrics were embedded into the black pulp, then a frame of red pulp was put on top
7q: the letter "S" was cut out of some red paper and embedded, together with some fabric strips onto black pulp. The letter doesn't seem to be very "integrated" but I think the later stitching will help unify the whole sample

This second batch of papers proved more successful as I embedded the fabric into the very wet pulp. I'm quite happy with the results as the fabric really gives the impression "to be part of" the paper

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chikanstitch said...

You have some super samples Pascale. I do hope you are enjoying making paper.