Sunday, 3 January 2016

Module 4-Chapter 5-Drawn Thread Work

I finally made up my mind about which colour scheme to use. Thank you Siân for your suggestion. The dyed fabric samples above show different patterns and colour intensities. I like the way the red and the black bleed and blends and result in a sometimes very subtle "purplish" red.




Samples 5a to 5d were done this summer when I hadn't decided about a colour scheme.In sample 5a I used a plain undyed embroidery canvas. Removing the threads is very easy with this fabric, however the are a bit boring as the fabric stays pretty much as it is, which means flat.

For the following sampes (5b to 5d) the fabric was painted with silk paints. It was just a test. I wanted to see if the threads could be removed easily with this type of paint.

As a conclusion I can say: it is possible but it is definitely easier with Procion dyed fabric. I used here a very fine weave fabric and tried to vary the patterns.

5e and close-up

The fabric used here is coton ramie, an irregular but close weave fabric which I painted in black and red stripes with Procion dyes.

The threads were displaced to create a beautiful IKAT weaving pattern. The pic doesn't render the beautiful result of this method. Although time-consuming the result is really worth it. I also love the resulting texture.

5f and close-ups

Here the threads were pulled inwards and form lovely delicate loops in the center while displacing the different coloured threads. These could be further embellished, maybe with stitches or beads.

5g and close-up

The fabric used here is a bit coarser than the previous ones. I also tried to use less intensive colours and to leave some white between the stripes. Unfortunately you can hardly see it. The threads were pulled to form a slightly zigzag pattern. I like the somehow "bumpy" texture and the displaced coloured threads.

5h and close-up

 For this sample the threads were withdrawn in bands and twisted before beingstitched back

5i and close-up

For sample 5i the threads have been withdrawn in bands and knotted before being stitched back.
The bands could also be stitched back in leaving the end lose and knotted.

5j and close-ups: for this sample the threads have been withdrawn in both directions. The group of threads have been rewoven an "turned around" the crossing points where the warp and weft threads meet, creating little nests.

5k: here the threads have been withdrawn in both directions in small bands before being re-woven and looped (idea: embellish the loops with blanket stitch? beads?)

 one last little sample where the fabric has been cut to size on the diagonal. Different effects can be achieved later on when it comes to weaving in threads or fabric strips e.g.


chikanstitch said...

Love your colour scheme, Pascale. I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I did.

carrie donohoe said...

Such gorgeous textures Pascale and I love how the colours are blended as the threads are withdrawn.

Catherine said...

Beautiful samples Pascale - they really work well. I am just beginning this chapter and you are giving me lots of inspiration!