Sunday, 22 February 2015

Module 4-Chapter 2- Lettering

Sample 34 and 35: Varying size and colour with previously created papers

Sample 36 and 37:-  pleated  paper with edges rubbed with black paint
                               - weaving with patterned papers, varying size and colour

Sample 38: weaving with different papers on same patterned background

Computer generated lettering

For this exercise I used the Silhouette program which offers different features. Not only can you use different fonts but you can also "write". However, it's not so easy to control the writing. The different blocks can be duplicated, varied in size, rotated, reversed....

Sample 39: The block "Shopping List" was repeated and overlapped

Sample 40: Overlapped block of letters, different colours

Sample 41: Here, the block of letters got reversed and slightly overlapped, then this block got "fused" and duplicated and overlapped....

 Sample 42

Sample 43:An interesting feature of the Silhouette program is that you can multiply the design several times by rotating it. Here the design was done in red and blue and put on top of the other 

Sample 44: same feature , but the quality of the line  was altered

Sample 45: for this sample the block "shopping list" got reversed, "fused" and repeated four times

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