Thursday, 11 December 2014

Module 4-Chapter 2-Experimenting with Silhouette Portrait cut-out designs

I tried to use my own "design" with my Silhouette portrait, starting with a simple word I scanned into my computer, then transformed it to cut it out. (design Silhouette 2)

Silhouette 1

Silhouette 2: cut out by Silhouette

Silhouette 3: a rubbing made from the design above, made Derwent inktense blocks

Silhouette 4: The cut-out words "List" were glued onto paper, rubbed with Pentel oil pastels, then painted with black 

Silhouette 5: rubbing done with the design above, then painted

The Silhouette recognizes simple designs with strong colour contrasts, without any problems.It's certainly interesting to experiment with more complex designs based on callygraphy.

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ferinn said...

Looks really interesting,very patter full.