Sunday, 7 September 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 11 - Completed Accessory

My accessory was inspired by the following pictures
I knew I wanted to do a necklace/neckpiece, something wearable, and I wanted to reproduce the idea of a wrapped core. From the first machine embroidery samples I was particularly attracted by the technique of stitching onto a dissolvable background


So I tried out to stitch a small sample (strip) onto a sticky water-soluble background. I washed out the substance, but not completely and then wrapped it around a core to create a spiral. This proved to be a successful technique. When dry, the stitched strip retained its shape and showed off an interesting spiral.

The core around which I wanted to wrap this spiral was achieved by taking some of my threads (coming out from both ends) which were wrapped with a long piece of prefelt kept in place with some thread. I then wrapped this with turquoise wool and felted it. I further stitched unto in a spiralling movement.



The empbroidered spiral wrapped around it nicely and I liked the effect and the colours.

It  proved however that the wool cord was to big and to stiff to fit around the neck and wouldn't lay around it as it should.

Siân gave me some ideas at the Summer Schooland tutorial and so I gave it a play at home.

I first created some more spirals in plain white fabric in different lengths and widths by stiffening them with Powertex and wrapping them around different cores.

Here are some of the results


11h:Large fabric strip





The above samples seem to be pretty boring and I didn't really like them.

Siân had given me the idea of making a big knot with the woolen cord and I found some ideas on the internet of necklaces withg asymmetric "focal  points"




I was very much attracted by this solution which also had the advantage that the threads coming out of the felted core would wrap around the neck and not the cord itself.

I then went on by embroidering a spiral long enough to wrap around the knot


Some more playing then ended in this




I cut back some of the felt on the left side (other side from knot), so that both sides end at the same height


ferinn said...

What an intriguing and unique solution,you'll have to market these.

chikanstitch said...

How fascinating to see the development of this neckpiece. Please pop it in your bag because I would love to see it. R

Elena said...

J'adore touts ce que tu fait!

carrie donohoe said...

This is gorgeous Pascale, so effective and stylish

Catherine said...

What a beautiful and striking piece Pascale, and so interesting to follow the story from your initial idea and how you solved the problems you met. It works beautifully. I'm sure you can't wait for a chance to show it off on an evening out.