Sunday, 4 May 2014

Module 3-Chapter 9 Resolved Sample Part 1

I started by experimenting by taking one of the waxed 3-D spiral and its picture which I turned into a black and white photocopy. I then overlaid it with some transparent paper onto which I transferred the lines. This sample got photocopied and reduced onto a transparency . I then cut out the shapes/lines to turn it into a stencil. For the following fabric samples I used the positive and negtive shapes of the stencil to spray or apply paint onto fabric. The sprays used where from Marabu and are especially designed for fabric


9/2: stencils, small and big and cut out shape

 9/3: sprayed pattern onto paper

 9/4: sprayed and applied paint onto a light colored blue fabric 

9/5: paint applied onto an already painted fabric

9/6: same as above

9/7 : same as above

9/8: pattern sprayed onto blue fabric

 9/9: sprayed and painted onto blue nylon organza
 9/10: sprayed onto orange nylon organza

 9/11: "painted" transparency stencil: this picture itself is very interesting and could be developped into a design or copied onto fabric

Me, having fun in my kitchen (obviously not cooking)

Conclusion: The spiral used for this work is certainly not ideal for creating an appropriate design. However the idea of movement which it translates is something I will try to use in my sample. The fabric produced here is beautiful especially when overlying the organza on top of the coton fabric. This is difficult to photograph, but I can assure you that sense of depth created is beautiful.Also, the idea is to be able to burn away some of the organza to reveal the fabric underneath. 

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chikanstitch said...

Love your spiral template experiments - I look forward to watching it develop. Great to see the photo of you "having fun".