Sunday, 23 June 2013

Module 3-Chapter 2-Three-dimensional shapes in waxed papers- manipulated pictures

I took some pictures of the close-up photos and manipulated them in Picasa. This made the actual spiral design more obvious

Module 3-Chapter 2-Three dimensional shapes

As I didn't have suitable cardboard at hand I tried to shape paper I dipped into hot wax into spirals. This proved to be a bit tricky as the wax was hot (obviously) and the papers didn't keep their spiral shape until cold. 

 The leftover wax was poured into a wood box/frame which had been painted before. While the wax was still soft, I put toothpicks into it. The plan was that these could keep the spirals in place or stack them on top of each other.

spiral skyline

I varied the height of the spirals, folded the papers and then shaped them, put one small spiral into a larger one......... 

Some close-ups

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Module 3 - Chapter 2

I tried to put the picture that inspired the paper sample next to it

I tried to take a picture with the spirals hanging down

Pleated paper samples

My monoprinting papers were all done with the gelli plate. I love the effect the remaining paint on the plate which peels off with the following print adds interesting depths to the picture. Some of the spirals were drawn free-hand on the plate but I also used  commercial spiral stamps. These papers could also be copied onto fabric.

Some computer drawings using the paint program

some drawings done with scribbler

 scribbler drawing alternated with Paint program and Picasa
Scribbler drawing changed with the Paint program on my laptop
 same as above but alternated with Picasa

Here the possibilities are endless. In fact you don't need fancy computer programs to achieve a lot of interesting effects. Interesting "paintings" could also be printed on fabric .

Here are some examples of some spiral pictures have been transformed with Picasa