Sunday, 23 June 2013

Module 3-Chapter 2-Three dimensional shapes

As I didn't have suitable cardboard at hand I tried to shape paper I dipped into hot wax into spirals. This proved to be a bit tricky as the wax was hot (obviously) and the papers didn't keep their spiral shape until cold. 

 The leftover wax was poured into a wood box/frame which had been painted before. While the wax was still soft, I put toothpicks into it. The plan was that these could keep the spirals in place or stack them on top of each other.

spiral skyline

I varied the height of the spirals, folded the papers and then shaped them, put one small spiral into a larger one......... 

Some close-ups


Catherine said...

These 3D spirals look great Pascale. I like the translucent effect the wax gives the paper.

Viv Estill said...

These look great - well done!

Max the Lobster said...

these are wonderful, i must try it sometime and what a great solution to cooling them down