Friday, 11 November 2011

Machine stitched fabrics-Part 1

Inspired by some of the animal patterns, I tried to imitate and invent some with machine stitching

Sample a: cable stitch with white, thicker thread in the bobbin

Sample b: black, knitting thread was applied with a zigzag stitch in irregular rows, the whole fabric was then partly discharged

Sample c: for this sample the bobbin tension was slightly loosened. The fabric was moved quite heavily during the stitching process to create this pattern

Sample d: here a  decorative stitch was used, the bobbin tension was lowered so that the black thread could be pulled on the top of the fabric. A wide zigzag stitch was stitched between the different rows. The same technique was used for sample e below with a white thread in the bobbin on patterned fabric

Sample d and e

Sample f: a decorative stitch was used in the same way than the samples above. The rows were stitched very closely to each other, making the fabric pucker

Sample g: rows of wide, whip zigzag stitch, creating a very delicate pattern

Sample h: the same technique and stitch used than in the sample above, except that the background fabric is patterned and the rows were stitched in a wiggly movement

Sample i: thick white thread was applied with a narrow zigzag stitch onto a patterned fabric

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