Sunday, 13 December 2009

M2-Chapter 7 Traditional "Piecing" Methods

I put the paper sample and the fabric sample next to each other.
In all the samples the tone is going either from light to dark or from dark to light

Sample 1: All the stripes have the same width and are getting darker

Sample 2: I changed fabric for each piecing

Sample 3: different stripe width on the left and right side, different fabric value

Sample 4: courthouse steps log cabin

Sample 5: same as sample 4 but with one more "round"

Sample 6: courthouse steps log cabin with decreasing width of fabric strips

Sample 7: square put in the right corner

Sample 9: instead of a square, a triangle was used, which, of course changed the shape accordingly
Paper sample 10: square put diagonally
Sample 11: here the square is rectangular

Sample 12: here the center piece is irregularn so that it produces a shape which reminds me of the tortoise pattern

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