Friday, 6 March 2009

M2-Chapter 2 - B Tonal effects using the technique of Blackwork

Using Pattern Development
Thread used: DMC Mouliné spécial 25
I found it easier to start with most complex version of the pattern, reducing the number of stitches gradually

Using Spacing of the Stitches
At the end of this sample I overlapped the crosses slightly to achieve the darkest tone

Using Thickness of Thread
I started this sample by stitching with one single thread of the DMC Mouliné and then, gradually, added one more thread until I stitched with 4 threads. The last series of stitches was done with DMC 4 coton retors mat pour tapisserie.

General Remark: In the last two samples overlapping the stitches or using thicker thread makes the original pattern hardly recognizeable.

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