Monday, 20 October 2008

Module 1 - Chapter 11 Resolved Sample

Different ways of disintegration with paper

Here I tried several methods with different materials
A star shape was roughly ripped, the idea is base on the stamp used in chapter 5

Ripped paper samples based on a templar cross

Different ways of disintegrating a square of fabric

(Unfortunately I made it to big to fit on my scanner, so I had to scan it in two times)

Stitch methods used to make a shape grow and disintegrate

Left row: - Reverse appliqué, increasing number of stitched outlines
- templar cross with frayed edges, applied to background fabric with chain stitches
Right row: Making shape less solid
- lines of stitching in contrasting colour
- cross stitches in similar colour than background fabric
- bonded snippets of background fabric

Use of bonded shapes

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