Saturday, 24 May 2008

Module1-Chapter 7 Translating the Layered Designs Into Embroidery

Sample B
Fabrics: dyed and stamped popeline cotton and cotton organza
straight stitch was used first, then I added cross stitch on top to make the little stars

Sample F
Fabrics: commercial cotton
I twisted the fabric for the star shape
Use of machine embroidery, little hand embroidery. I didn't want to use too much embroidery because I wanted to keep the three-dimensional impression of the star

Sample E
Fabrics: Backing fabric: yellow commercial cotton, sheers
I cut back the backing fabric behind the star shape to make it really transparent

Sample D
Background fabric: commercial cotton
top layer: dyed ramie with frayed edges
machine embroidered

Sample C

Three layers: dyed popeline cotton
The same cross shape was used, but it was twisted

Sample A

This was my first trial. The top layer covered the cross shape too much, so that you couldn't see the background fabric. I cut additional shapes in the cross shape.

fabrics: commercial cotton, silk bourette, painted cotton organza

This time I didn't scan the samples but tried to make pictures because I hoped, that the colours would change less. I must say that I have to improve my technique.
I particularly liked the hand embroidery partof this chapter.

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