Saturday, 7 January 2017

Module 4-Chapter 7-To apply paper pulp to a woven fabric grid

 7a: for this first sample I took a rather coarse fabric with threads that could be easily withdrawn.
 Due to the quality of the thread the sample looks more like an old artefact. The fabric could be embedded perfectly due to the very open grid
 7b: here the fabric grid is kept in place by positioning the paper pulp around it. There is also paper pulp applied on the edges of the back to really embed the fabric well. I like the underlying structure of the dangling threads.
 7c: single threads were put onto the sheet of paper to form a very loose grid. However, the different threads don't keep in place very well. Here the stitching will be helpful

 7d: torn fabric strips were put onto black paper pulp and red paper pulp was put on top to keep the strips in place. This didn't really help so I stitched the fabric strips to the black paper pulp

7e to 7 g for this and the following two samples I made different frames with wire and wrapped various threads around before applying black and red paper pulp. I especially like the round sample 7f and the organic holes in it.

 7g: again some stitching had to be done to keep the threads attached to the paper pulp. I think the black paper pulp was a bit to coarse to that the threads couldn't be embedded very successfully.

 7h: fine nylon net was used here as a grid. I love the delicacy of this sample and look forward to stitching into it.

7i:not a very successful sample, probably due to the quality of the black paper pulp.

7j: This sample was more of an  experiment and was done with knitting yarn. Again stitching has to be used to keep the pulp in place

7k: a grid was created by cutting holes into the fabric which was then embedded into paper pulp. I think I could have done the holes bigger but I like the potential of this technique that allows you to position the apertures where you want them . Sample 7l  shows the cut out circles embedded into red pulp onto black pulp

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Catherine said...

These work very well Pascale. I can't wait to see them once you have stitched into them.